Bracelet Size Guide

Hawaiian bracelets are solid gold bangles, designed to tightly slide over your hand on to your wrist. They are measured in inches and your size will be determined by the circumference of your tightly clenched hand.

 Size Measurement IN Measurement MM
X-Small 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133 mm
Small 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133 mm
Medium 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133 mm
Large 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133 mm
X-Large 4.76-5.25 in. 121-133 mm

Need more help? Print our Bracelet Measurement Guide or if you already own a Hawaiian bracelet, you can take a string and measure around the inside of the bracelet in inches.

The best way to ensure that you order the correct size is to attend a HIE trunk shows or event and try on the bracelets in person to find your size. Please contact us at aloha@hiehawaii to learn when our next trunk show or event scheduled.