Capturing Elegance

Capturing Elegance

A Behind-the-Scenes Snapshot of HIE | Heirlooms of Hawai‘i Brand Launch Photoshoot. 


An iconic ridgeline rising over the palm trees of Kapi‘olani Park and gentle gradient sloping above the shores of Waikīkī, Lē‘ahi (or Diamond Head) was a stunning and quintessential backdrop for our HIE Heirlooms of Hawai‘i brand launch photoshoot.


Join us for a behind-the-scenes look as we unveil the magic that unfolded for this photo moment.


Setting the stage:

Nestled between the lush foliage and soft sounds of the Waikīkī water nearby, our location below Lē‘ahi was a beautiful setting to showcase the heirloom collection.


The Collection – A Testament to Tradition:

Our collection is a modern take on traditional Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, handcrafted with precision and infused with cultural significance. Each piece tells a story that honors the legacy of our ancestors, women of our ‘ohana, and leaders of Hawaiʻi, namely our last Queen, Liliʻuokalani. A renewal of a tradition started by Queen Lili‘uokalani, HIE bracelets reflect the quality and style of the originals while offering a gently updated look.


Masterminds Behind the Lens:

We are inspired by the talents of Jenn Ellenberg and Parker Ellenburg who captured each moment so beautifully. Their classic and subtle approach evoked an effortless elegance that perfectly encapsulated the HIE brand.

Photographers: Jenn Ellenberg @jle_behindthelens, Surf Please @surf_please
Parker Ellenburg @parkersellenburg


Creative Vision + Styling:

Our very own HIE Founder, Meleana Estes, stylist, lei-maker, influencer and curator of modern aloha style, artfully arranged and made lei that added a feminine power and regal presentation.

The lovely and talented Risa Hoshino is a master of highlighting each model’s natural beauty with the elusive au naturale “no-makeup” look.

Stylist: Meleana Estes @meleana_hawaii

Lei: Meleana Estes @meleana_hawaii

Hair/Make-up: Risa Hoshino @risa.hoshino

Wāhine Models:

Our models – several notable Native Hawaiian wāhine– waterwomen, photographers, activists, moms and more, were adorned in HIE pieces. Each of these women showcase HIE’s pillars of female empowerment, elegance, grace and strong familial ties. The synergy between the jewelry and our models created a visual symphony, and balance of tradition and contemporary allure.


 Models: Kahealani Papke @kvhea, Misty Ma’a @mistym44, Nani Welch Keli‘iho‘omalu @naniwelchkeliihoomalu, Ha’a Keaulana @haakeaulana

“'A‘ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia” – Many hands make light work (‘'Ōlelo No'eau #142). We are so humbled and grateful for our brilliant friends who collaborated with us to bring our vision to life in this video.

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